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For over two decades, Debbie has been providing lively, participation-based workshops for preschool and elementary (PreK-8) teachers in North America. More recently, she has traveled to Brazil, Singapore, and Vietnam to conduct workshops for school teachers and child care providers.

Debbie’s passion is to equip adults who supervise children in movement settings with creative, user friendly games and activities that are suitable for small or large multi-aged groups. The high-energy activities presented in her workshops are easily adapted to situations where equipment and activity spaces are limited.


Kids are Made to Move is an educational initiative aimed at developing movement competency and enhancing physical fitness of preschool, elementary, and middle school children by creating quality physical activity teaching resources that can be used by adults who supervise children in a variety of movement settings.

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Dr. Morgan can design a workshop to suit your specific needs and cover the topics that are important to you and your staff.
Contact her to discuss your particular situation.

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In this excerpt from her K-2 DVD set, Dr. Morgan leads children through a series of warm-ups, fitness challenges, and innovative games, suitable for small or large groups, that can be performed in settings where equipment and activity space are limited. These activities are also appropriate for children in Pre-K.

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In this video sample from her DVD set for children in grades 3-8, Dr. Morgan models key teaching techniques and presents exciting movement ideas organized into three distinct activity categories (warm-ups, boot camp, fun and games).

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In this video sampler for preschoolers, Dr. Morgan leads young children through a 3-part, physical activity progression featuring a creative warm-up, fitness challenge, and a game activity, all of which are appropriate for any size group and ideal for settings where equipment and activity space are limited.

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Debbie H. Morgan, PhD Clinician, Consultant, Curriculum Designer, Educator
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